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The 5 key strategies to grow your business. Free half day workshop


coming in 2017


We will show you how to develop and grow your business.

Dear Friend,

Only take the time to read this letter if you are serious about building a profitable business.

I’m putting this training together as an expert mentor and facilitator and I want to offer you an opportunity to become part of a group of professionals who want to learn the tools and systems that are proven to bring you more clients and increase your success in business.


Wouldn't it be great to spend more time with clients and have more clients to work with?

I know what you might be thinking… how can this be done?

Well the truth is it can. I know only too well the pain of growing a coaching business, having almost lost it all myself, and then having to decide whether to carry on or quit. I perservered and went on to build one of the most successful coaching practices in the UK, a brand with international reach and growth and six-figure turn over.

The key to the success is - STRATEGY.

Too many coaches, trainers, therapists, hypnotherapists & speakers don't have one. Many don’t think strategically or aren’t aware of its’ importance… which results in running around doing everything, running out of time & cash and passion! This means you aren’t doing what you love to do...and with no new clients, sound familiar?

  • Attending the strategy on the page workshop assisted me with achieving unity about my vision, purpose, values and key steps that I will be taking in the next 12 months. Amazing resource that has assisted me to achieve unity, focus my time and energy in the right places.

    Dionne Jude
    Walking Your Life Path Resources
  • At concept stage I thought was this for me. Oh yes, it was. I feel ready now to start my business at my pace on my terms. I will be more successful in what I do. I now have key points to take away and be more confident in the 5 aspects of business life.

    Graham McCabe

    The strategy on a page is exactly what it says on the tin! It allows you to leave at the end of the day with a plan! Gives you FOCUS, CLARITY, & AHA moments that will turn your ideas into REALITY.

    Loredana Barange
  • Elliot is a brilliant facilitator who managed to bring clarity to a difficult topic like strategy. With humour & humble personal case studies of applications of the framework, I learned more on a topic that I thought I was already very familiar with!

    Andrea James
    Quintessential Consulting

You will learn

check  5 key strategies to grow your business
check  Understand the obstacles to growth
check  Show you how to have a thriving business over the next 12 months
check  Get your strategy out of your head and onto ONE Page
check  Learn how to be able to take your turn over up to 100k or more
check  Have more time on your hands to do what you love
check  Build a team around you
check  Leave with an executable strategy
check  Connect with like minded people

coming in 2017


Also you learn


We will show how to accelerate your strategy


Understand the mistakes that might be holding you back


Strategy On The Page

Access to a tool that will help to grow your business

Strategy On The Page

Included Strategy on the Page workbook for you to implement right away!!!!
  • As I have MBA degree, I found Super Strategy Training more useful than one year study MBA degree. If you need to start, it will give you a clear idea how to do that and what to expect. It will help you to be clear on what you want, be focused, and organised. If you already have a business, this will help you to grow and to expand your vision. It was an excellent day, I would 120% recommend this to everyone.

    Rose Tahman
    Coaching Corporate Training

If by the end of the work day one you don't have at least two "AHA"no harm done!

Remember, this is a tested and proved methodology for you to create the strategy to accelerate your business.

This day is not designed for the masses and I only want people in the room who are committed to taking their business to the next level through use of strategy. Therefore the spaces are limited to keep the intimate atmosphere.

I have been in the industry for over 8 years, I have seen a lot of coaches, trainers and consultants fail to make the impact they wanted to and give up. I want to make sure you keep going with effective strategy.

See you on the day,
Elliot Kay

coming in 2017


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